About Us

Far Far Away was created to celebrate the enchantments of childhood but also to celebrate parenthood.

Our aspiration is to capture the essence of childhood, fun, playful experiences and a world of discovery. There's nothing more satisfying than transporting the party goers to the wonderful world of make believe.  

With an uncontrollable compulsion to constantly “go over the top” combined with our creativity, there’s no boring or predictable here at Far Far Away. 

We are passionate about enriching children’s lives with product that is of quality, is unique and also inspiring.  Childhood is where possibilities are endless and fantasies are a reality.  We care about quality and venture to source where possible natural fibers, sustainable materials and eco-friendly products made by skilled artisans that we know you will love, and that will last a lifetime. 

Our party hire range includes stylish kids furniture, party props and party prop packages to help you bring that special panash to your party celebration.

How extraordinarily lucky we are to be included in helping create wonderful childhood memories for your small humans and to be doing what we really love and get excited about!

Thanks for taking the time to visit us.

All aboard the Far Far Away JOY and LAUGHTER train!